Our Mission:to passionately serve our partners

Join our world class team as we build relationships and exceed customer expectations. We are here to:

Develop and empower our employees to succeed and enable them to reach their full potential.

Continuously simplify and standardize our infrastructure process and services to be the best in class.

Build collaborative and communicative relationships with our partners and strive for excellence in service every day.

Our Vision:

To build a world-class team infrastructure and service offering that will accelerate the growth of the MIC family.

– SINCE 2017 –


We ask questions for understanding  and actively listen to other’s interests and ideas.


Always looking for opportunities to reward, recognize, and praise. Showing compassion within our communities and encouraging participation outside of our comfort zones.


Tirelessly communicating relevant information to all stakeholders with a relationship building mindset.

Fun included.


We accept ownership of our results and actions, sharing good and bad news and openly cultivating performance measurement standards.


We create an environment of transparency by honoring our values while conducting ourselves with sincerity and approachability.


We clearly define expectations and lead by example. We empower others through coaching and mentorship.